The Gospel according to balloons (gab)


Why GAB?

  • One of the biggest disappointments I hear from most pastors & church members is that their youth have lost interest & they don't know what to do to re-inspire them. Well, let me ask you this. What kid doesn't love balloons? The answer is, No kid doesn't never not like balloons!  Well, we use balloons & visual arts to help illustrate Biblical truths. It's not just for kids either. In fact, the adults who attend our shows together with their kids are far more likely to have better & longer lasting results.

What is GAB?

  • Wholesome, Bible based entertainment. There are so many different enticing venues of entertainment that lure our children today & we are seeing that the outcome is not altogether positive. At best they are questionable & at worst, detrimental. Yet we allow our children to spend hours daily absorbing this material without knowing or even questioning the authors' motives or beliefs, while in many homes the Bible sits on the shelf. 
  • Another motive for creating this ministry is that, after years of fulfilling requests of making balloon characters of so called "superheroes" that were in many cases half man & half machine, insect or beast, I began to realize that some young minds today spent so many hours daily  delving in to some of these video games that they became knowledgeable in almost aspect of every level of some of them, & yet though many came from Christian homes, they seemed to have little knowledge other than a few basics about the real Superheros of the Bible. It is especially concerning when you see the direction the so called "modern science" is heading, with genetically modified experiments as well as robots,  etc. 
  • . We know who the author of our faith is, & we hope to inspire the youth to become more active with more uplifting activities involving God's word. I think it might be worth noting here that after 25 years, with all the many different requests for different balloon characters I've been requested to create, I have had only 1 request to make a Bible figure. I am hoping that will change with GAB.

Where is GAB?

  • Currently we are out of northwestern Texas, but we are willing to travel. I lived in South America for 25 years so I am fluent in Spanish as well.

When will GAB be ready?

  • Hopefully soon! Working hard to get it ready. Any help is appreciated. Site will be posted as soon as it is ready.

How much will GAB cost?

  • Don't know. As far as I know, this has never been done before, so, I guess anything is negotiable, Because my main motive & concern is to get the message out. What I wish to do is to cultivate the belief in young hearts & minds that having a closer walk with the Lord can be exciting & fulfilling.

Shows that are ready or nearly ready.


Ephesians 6 Put on the Whole Armor of God

  • Why does it seem sometimes that God doesn't answer prayer? What is the armor of God? What is the Zayin? What was the original meaning of the Breastplate of Righteousness?  Want to find out? Want to be more effective in wielding the whole armor of God?  Watch the show.

Genesis 6 Noah

  • What did the Lord mean when he said that as in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the time of the coming of the son of man? Who were the nephilim? What was behemoth,? leviathan? What is coming in the future? You might want to watch this fascinating show to find out.

John 21:11 The Mystery of the 153

  • Ever wonder why in John 21 that it actually told us the number of the fish the disciples caught after Jesus told them to go back out? How Could that be significant? What was Jesus' hidden message to his disciples in this?  Well, it wasn't hidden to the disciples who knew exactly what this meant & how important & encouraging this message was to them.  Want to find out too? Then you definitely want to see this long forgotten mystery explained.

Promo for coming web site

  • Please keep in mind that many aspects of this new ministry are still under construction. That includes even this promo video. Some of the clip art characters are merely temporary place holders, & will eventually be replaced with balloon characters. Hopefully though, if all goes according to plan my balloons, unlike robots, will never replace me.

Thought for the day


What is the smallest, yet apparently one of the most evil creatures mentioned in the Bible?


 The wicked Flea! 

 Proverbs 28:1! 

"The wicked flee when no man pursueth.""

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